We’ve talked a lot about how getting to know your customers are key to increased sales, and lead generation is no exception. When we receive sales calls, it can often feel like an intrusion. Why are they calling us about a product we know nothing about? It’s often the reason you hear stories of customers screaming or hanging up before the salesman can even get his pitch in. We don’t like surprises, especially from companies we don’t know.

Want to Improve your PPC Campaign?

In our last blog you learned how geofence retargeting helped one client perfect their mobile ad campaign, but how does location targeting play into our mobile engagement platform? Let us tell you how it works.

Tired of Struggling to Reach the Right People in the Right Places with your Mobile Ads?

How to release your information to potential clients to get the best results by Constructing a White Paper and then refining that information.

Last week, the US Access Board delivered a long awaited final rule under the authority of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.