Mobile Engagement PART 1 of 3


Tired of Struggling to Reach the Right People in the Right Places with your Mobile Ads?

Mobile advertising can feel a lot like trying to find Waldo. There are thousands of people on multiple apps, but where are the people who matter?

PPC can solve some of the issue. It can grab the people searching the web for your product, but what about those that aren’t? What about the people who could very well want your products but just don’t know it yet?

Our digital partner, SITO, created the perfect magnifying glass so you can find the audience that matters: geofence retargeting.

Geofence retargeting has given clients the ability to find the right people to show mobile ads, engage with them, and then retarget at the best times possible. The best part? Customization, customization, customization.

A consumer products company saw this problem and decided to focus in on a mobile campaign. They partnered up with a supermarket chain and used mobile ads to drive customers to buy their products in-store.

Using this approach, the consumer products company went beyond organic mobile ads during their campaign launch. With the help of SITO, the company could take the entire population of the United States and narrow it down to who shopped for their products at specific supermarket locations.  

Once that information was found, everything moved fast. That’s beauty of using geofence retargeting and working with SITO. Highspeed bidding, fast launch, and immediate results.

But what’s better than fast? A good deal.

This is where the customization really came in handy. The consumer products company chose the budget. Not SITO, not algorithms— the client. With their mobile campaign, they decided what to spend and then our digital partners showed them how to spend it best.

So, now that they had their audience down, their location set, and a chosen budget— let the ads begin! The campaign launched, and the tracking began. They could see their progress from start to finish and always remained in the know.

In the end, the consumer product company did more than just influence their sales. They got to know their customers. They learned where else they shopped and what apps they surfed. Geofencing took their mobile ads to the next level. It went beyond PPC’s level of reach, but we’ll talk about that later.

When E-Merge Mobile Connect and SITO partner up, data and creative collide. SITO brings their advanced technology and we bring our innovative input to provide clients with a successful mobile campaign.

They found the people who mattered, have you found yours?

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