Mobile Engagement Platform Part 3


Want to Improve your PPC Campaign?

These days, everyone is looking to improve their on-line advertising and get better results from their pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Looking for your solution? Consider Geofencing, or location targeting.

Geofencing and PPC are often confused for each other. It’s a common mistake. They tend to use a lot of the same tactics, like ad spot bidding and location-based ads. But, Geofencing can go the extra mile for your campaign and bring you more impressions, greater lift, better CTR, and better customer insight.

PPC is notorious for its budget-friendly abilities. You only pay for clicks rather than an entire campaign. With geofencing, you pay for impressions which can be costlier. But as I’ve mentioned in (link: my last blog), it provides companies with more flexibility in location size and in customer targeting.

PPC can let anyone find you with the right key words, but Geofencing helps you find the right customers in your specific locations. Imagine being able to increase your CTR by 2x-3x the industry standard with the ability to track verified walk-ins?

That extra cost doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

But what is the biggest difference between the two? Geofencing is mobile. With 63% of all online traffic happening on mobile devices, the best way to find your audience is to advertise on mobile devices. PPC won’t cut it here. Geofencing is the best answer for your mobile campaign needs.

So geofencing is better than PPC…right? Not entirely. In fact, geofencing and PPC make great partners. PPC can let your customers find you, and geofencing can let you find the right customers when they are ready to buy.

Don’t replace PPC campaigns, improve them! Let geofencing fills the spots PPC can’t and vice versa.

Sharing the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

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