Goodbye Cold Calls, Hello Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing


We’ve talked a lot about how getting to know your customers are key to increased sales, and lead generation is no exception. When we receive sales calls, it can often feel like an intrusion. Why are they calling us about a product we know nothing about? It’s often the reason you hear stories of customers screaming or hanging up before the salesman can even get his pitch in. We don’t like surprises, especially from companies we don’t know.

What if you and your prospects got to know each other before the phone call? Imagine the time you could save!

Fortunately, this is what lead generation is all about— getting customers interested in what a company offers naturally using unique tactics. It’s about finding the right people at the right times and building a virtual phonebook for your salesman with prospects that have already shown interest in the company. Of course, lead generation does require and abundance of patience and accuracy. However, instead of your salesmen making dozens of calls that bring a small percentage of success, lead generation can bring the right prospects to them, boosting their sales without giving up any more time.

Lindsay Kolowich, a senior marketing manager at HubSpot, describes her job in lead generation best:

"I work on finding unique ways to attract people to my business. I want to provide them with enough goodies to get them naturally interested in my company so they eventually warm up to the brand enough to want to hear from us!"


A natural relationship between company and prospect can lead to sales more than any cold call. Instead of constant hang ups and voicemails, lead generation searches for interests through emails and mailers, allowing the uninterested to just delete or throw away and move on. Those that are interested will click on the email, respond to the link, provide the information needed, and then become an official prospect that can be tracked, followed up with, and directly contacted.   

It doesn’t stop there, though. Keep an eye out for our next blog to learn how lead nurturing keeps you connected with prospects throughout the entire process.

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