Building a strong social media presence for St. Louis construction company


Steadily growing an on-line and social media presence doesn't happen overnight. Much like any construction project, it takes a strong plan, and lots of hard work along the way. 

The working partnership that the construction company and E-Merge Interactive have had over the last few years has involved a variety of tactics, beginning with a re-fresh of the company’s website. Working together, they shifted the emphasis of the site from a brand that tells, to a brand that sells.

More informative, engaging copy was developed for all four key areas of the company, Asphalt Paving, Sports, Concrete and Micro-surfacing. Their blog took on renewed importance, providing thought leadership in each category as well as detailing key projects the company had completed.

E-Merge worked to assure that those blog posts were seen as well, pushing them out via Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. And that was just the beginning. An on-going PPC campaign was developed to help boost search rankings. More aggressive posting on their Facebook and LinkedIn page, along with their twitter feed all ramped up significantly. An e-newsletter was also launched, creating another potential customer touchpoint and designed to drive traffic to their website while informing along the way. 

In about a two-year period, the number of Facebook followers almost doubled. The number of Twitter followers also doubled. LinkedIn followers quadrupled and the number of YouTube views per year also quadrupled.

All of those eyeballs viewing their content helped propel page rankings upwards, putting this construction company on the first page of a number of organic search terms. Across the board, numbers went up and page positions improved.

All of that social media activity continues to drive more traffic to their website. Since July of 2016, website traffic has almost tripled. Equally important, employees within the company now see the value of social media and have become more active participants, helping to further drive traffic, create awareness and engage potential new business.

According to the Director of New Business Development, "E-Merge Interactive has played a vital role in building our social media audience. The work they do hasn't just improved our page rankings and website visits, it's had a direct impact on helping us continue to grow our business."

Social media is a process and has many moving parts. Work with a company that knows how to bring it all together.

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